Music for your wedding……

Well it is our business to know what music to play at a wedding or any event but we are not mind readers – we have two ears to listen to requests with but also why not make it more fun ? It is quite common for wedding invites to include a “request a song” area which means guests will be thinking about the event and will get more involved. The downside to this activity is it takes up valuable time but we have a nice solution to help.

We have an online GUEST REQUEST account which is unique to your event and can be included on an invite, send in an email or listed in a secret facebook group. We have setup a demo account for you to try CLICK and simply put your name, choose some songs (as many as you like) and save the list ! The event host has access to the complete list and can change the status of the songs from PLAY to DO NOT PLAY.

We are music guru’s and subscribe to a couple of music pools whereby we gain about 150 songs per month, some of which are remixes – we love music and can play any genre, style or nationality type!

If you just want some ideas then have a look here at this comprehensive list of the most requested songs CLICK


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